Subnational public debt in a fiscally sustainable Europe

Wednesday, 24. September 2014 (All day) to Friday, 26. September 2014 (All day)

Esterházy Castle in Eisenstadt/Kismarton; Austria

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

19:00 - 20:30 Ewald Nowotny – Pre-Diner Speech: Subnational Public Debt in Europe

20:45 Dinner, Henrici Restaurant, Eisenstadt

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Subnational Public Debt – Perspectives of Research
Chair: Gisela Färber: Objects, relevance, goals of the workshop
Keynote: Thomas Wobben: Perspectives and main questions of the Council of Regions

Subnational Public Debt - Approaching the Issue – statistics/amount/volume/forms/quality/utilisation of debt/ interregional divergences in one nation state/various forms of public debt (‘shadow debt’)
Chair: Alice Valdesalici
Keynote: Ehtisham Ahmad

Institutional and Legal Framework of Subnational Debt in Europe – legal rules, institutional design (who does what, control), historical perspective Chair: Nadia Yerly
Keynote: Eva Maria Belser

Lunch, Henrici Restaurant

The Influence of Multi-level Governance on Subnational Public debt – subnational debt as a result of deficiencies of multi-level governance (intra federal context), extra regional factors for regional debt, equalisation systems, local (mu- nicipal) debt as coincidence of subnational public debt, tax autonomy, regional economic performance and development, etc.
Chair: Mario Kölling
Keynote: Giancarlo Pola

Coffee Break, Café Maskaron

Capital Markets and Subnational Public Debt - influence, conflicts of interests rating systems for subnational entities (example Switzerland), influence of financial crisis/€uro debt-crisis on subnational level and borrowing conditions and interest rates, ’protective effects’ of bail out regimes, potential role of control by markets (liability rules?) vs. proper interests of banking system etc.
Chair: Stefan August Lütgenau 
Keynote: Friedrich Schneider

End of Day 1

Dinner, Burgenland Style Dinner, Heurigen Zwillingsstüberl Family Johann Hahnekamp, St. Georgener Hauptstraße 33, Eisenstadt

Friday, September 26th, 2014

Ways out of Excessive Subnational Public Debt – New European regulations, funds for debt relief, new regimes of supervision, fi- nancial ‘hair cuts’, sanctions, secession as exit strategy, debt as driver/function for secession, debt as a driver for reforms, federalism and debt management, The Eu- ropean financial stability and subnational public debt
Chair: Thomas Wobben or Georg Milbradt
Keynote: Gisela Färber

Round-up and Future Cooperation – European research network, partners from other European countries, chances of funding (part. COST program), planning for the future, next workshop in February 2015?